Injection syringes and needles

Needles and syringes in this group are offered in different sizes. The syringes are sterile, apyrogenic, nontoxic, made from plastic. Needles, in conjunction with syringes provide solutions injected into the patient, blood collections and biopsy.

Needles (Colour - black) 22g x 1,25

Needles (Colour - black) 22g x1,5

Needles (Colour - blue) 23g x 1,25

Needles (Colour - grey) 27g x 0,5

Needles (Colour - grey) 27g x 3/4

Needles (Colour - Orange) 25g x 1

Needles (Colour - pink) 18g x 1,5

Needles (Colour - yellow) 20g x 1,5

Syringe 10ml

Syringe 20ml

Syringe 2ml

Syringe 5ml

Syringe LL 5ml 3-part