Medica Filter
czech manufacturer and supplier
of medical equipment

Why choose our products?

  • personal communication and full care with each customer
  • cost - optimized solutions for the application of medical supplies in medical centers
  • cooperation with other suppliers of medical goods on unified supply to customers
  • deep knowledge of our own products and their modifications
  • Focusing on customer experience from using our own products
Due to the current situation with covid-19 and the threat of lack of necessary protective clothes for our medical personnel we have been forced to focus our production capacity on this part of our sortiment. Because of this our shipping times of cotton workwear may now become delayed. We sincerely thank you for understanding and apologise for any caused complications. the Medica Filter team

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Medica Filter, spol. s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer and supplier of healthcare resources and ready-made clothing. The company currently caters for over 5000 customers.
Our customer base comprises of individual doctors, pharmacies, spa and balneo-therapeutic institutions, mobile emergency services, social services facilities and hospitals.

Join them and you too can take advantage of our services right from the initial stages – when you start looking for a supplier of the product you require.

Our aim is to work in collaboration with you to find a purchase strategy that will not just monitor the usual criteria (price, quality, the necessary degree of protection), but that will primarily focus on your individual requirements for the products supplied. The following all help achieve the aim we have set ourselves:
Customer Care Team
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