Terms of delivery

  1. Entering into a purchase agreement
  2. Terms of delivery
  3. Terms of payment
  4. Liability for defective goods (returns and refunds policy
  5. Privacy policy

1. Place of performance and delivery

1.1 The place of performance is regarded as the head office of the Vendor, where the Vendor hands over the goods either to the forwarder or to the Purchaser.

1.2 The place of delivery is the address stated on the order form.

2. Means of transportation

The Vendor will ensure delivery to the Purchaser by choosing one of the means given below, and according to the below stated terms for delivery time and price:

  • a) By forwarding agent – delivery time and transport charge according to forwarding agent
  • b)By the commercial parcel service operated by Czech Post – delivery time is 4 days  - transport and packaging costs are dependant on the size and weight of the shipment.
  • c) Using the Vendor’s own transport – delivery time and transportation charge subject to agreement
  • d) By hand over to the Purchaser at the office of the Vendor, should the Purchaser choose this arrangement for delivering goods.

3. Delivery times

3.1 3.1 Delivery times are partly dependent on the type and quantity of goods ordered, and partly on the selected means of transporting goods (article 2)

3.2 The delivery time is calculated from the date the purchase agreement is entered into (article 3.3, 3.4 of the document Entering into a purchase agreement).

3.3 If the ordered goods are in stock, the Vendor is obliged to hand them over for forwarding within three working days.

3.4 If the ordered goods are not in stock, or if it is not possible to hand them over for forwarding within three working days, the Vendor is obliged to inform the Purchaser regarding this fact, and to inform it of some other deadline for sending goods, or to offer the Purchaser alternative goods, equivalent to those that have been ordered. If for this reason the Purchaser does not withdraw from the agreement within three days of receiving such a notification, it will be understood that it has agreed with the new delivery times.

3.5The delivery time for goods that are manufactured to order is four weeks.

This document is valid from 1.1.2008.